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'Leen on Me for an Organized and Stress-Free Day! ~ Eileen Adkins of 'Leen on Me Organizing LLC

01 Jul 2015 9:42 AM | Anonymous

Creating a routine and finding specific times in your day to perform organizing tasks will decrease the chaos and increase the peacefulness in your life.


7:00pm - Plan your meals for the following day. (or week)  

7:30pm - Check the forecast and choose your outfit for tomorrow.

8:00pm - Do a clean sweep of the house putting away any items strewn about such as clothes, dishes or misc. items used throughout the day.

9:00pm - Get a good nights sleep!

7:00am - Because you planned the night before, your morning goes off without a hitch!  You find your keys without a problem because you always keep them in the same spot.

8:00am - Your morning is productive because planning ahead allowed you to relax and get a restful sleep last night.

12:00pm - Your lunch break was productive because your REMINDERS APP helped you tackle several personal tasks you would have otherwise forgotten about.

4:00pm - Grab the mail on your way home and immediately go through it.  Throw out any junk mail and sort everything else by TO PAY, TO READ, or TO FILE. 

5:00pm - Enjoy dinner with your favorite people!

5:30pm - Clear the counters, clean and put away all the dinner dishes so they don’t pile up and become a bigger mess for you to deal with later. 

5:45pm - Check your email, voice mail and return phone calls.

6:30pm - Because you tackled things as they happened and stayed organized today you now have plenty of time to enjoy your evening doing something you enjoy!

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