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3 Super Secrets for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions ~ Leslie Podolsky of Organized by Design LLC

01 Jan 2015 11:16 AM | Anonymous

Did you know that at least 50 percent of all Americans make a New Year’s resolution? That sounds reasonable.  But, according to research, 88 percent of those people fail!  While everybody is excited to start the New Year with fresh ideas and resolutions, many times we lose steam by February.  Here are three super secrets for keeping your resolutions.

SECRET #1 - Make your resolutions specific and attainable. 

Not only do you need to know what your resolutions are, you also need to know how you will accomplish them! Start by breaking down your goals into small steps of action that you can easily manage, so that you don’t get overwhelmed and do nothing.  

For example, if your resolution is to conquer your email back log, then your first small step could be to choose ten emails to delete. Your next small step might be to unsubscribe to ten newsletters or blogs that you never read.  These tasks take less than five minutes and you can do them every day!  The idea is to create tiny habits that will become part of your normal routine, so you will do them without even thinking about it.   These tasks will keep you moving forward in order to achieve your ultimate goal.

SECRET #2 - Hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals.  

You can do this in a few ways.  First you can write down your goals.  There is something about having them in black and white that makes you more likely to accomplish them.  You can even post your list in a place where you will see them every day.  Next, tell your colleagues and friends about your resolutions.  The more people who know about them, the bigger support system and cheering section you will have!  

Also, many people enlist an accountability partner.  This is a person with whom you communicate regularly about your goals and resolutions. Often times, it is easier to keep a promise to someone else rather than yourself.  If you tell your accountability partner that you will follow up on a particular lead before your next meeting, you will have to answer to her if you don’t do it!

SECRET #3 - Reward Yourself Often!

Yes, you deserve it! Positive feedback significantly increases your chance for success. Start by recognizing your small steps or mini-goals.  For instance, if your resolution is to organize your desk, and you have cleaned out just one drawer, then it is time for a reward.  

Pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to that cup of fancy coffee that you love.  This will be great motivation to continue the process. Take small steps until you have achieved your goal.

Finally, laugh at minor setbacks and keep a CAN DO attitude. Remember it is always better to get back on track than to give up!

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