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Tips for an Organized School Year ~ Saundra Wright of Organized Wright LLC

01 Sep 2015 10:33 AM | Deleted user

Even though many of our students have already started their new school year, it is still not too late to think about having an ORGANIZED school year.  For myself, one of the most valuable tasks I have found to accomplish early each school year is to purge my kid’s bedrooms.  Now, I just don’t mean “clean their rooms”….I mean REALLY purge and declutter!  Having an organized bedroom will help to ensure a more stress-free morning, homework will less likely be lost and it will be much easier to find clothes to wear.  Here are some basic steps to get you started….


Go through your child’s clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t from last year.  You can consign, donate or pass along those clothes which no longer fit.  Try not to “overstuff” dresser drawers.  When drawers are stuffed, it is harder to find things and get the drawers closed.  If the drawers are too full, it’s usually a good indication that it is time to let go and purge.  

Instead of stacking t-shirts or shorts in drawers, try placing them in drawers as shown in this picture (photo courtesy of Pinterest).  

It's SO much easier to find that favorite t-shirt when they are stored this way instead of rooting through a stack of t-shirts and only seeing what is on top. 

Outgrown sports equipment or uniforms?  Try listing them on a community garage sale page or through your local organization’s website.  You can also contact area coaches to see if they know of any families who may be in need.  Organizations such as Project Retread also collect used sports equipment to give to countries and communities where equipment is too expensive.


Categorize the toys as to what stays, what is broken/needs discarded, and what can be donated or sold on consignment.  Reach out to area churches and preschools to see if they are in need.  Your child’s classroom might also be interested in gently used board games or small toys to be used during inside recess.


Gather all papers, school work and memorabilia.  Make different piles as to category:  report cards, achievements, artwork, schoolwork.  Next, decide what is going to be kept from each pile.   A plastic file box can be used to file schoolwork away.  Use a hanging file folder for each school year to house report cards, achievements, and schoolwork your child wishes to keep.  You might also want to consider an art portfolio for those larger art pieces.  

These portfolios are great because they keep everything in one place and slide easily under a bed or can be tucked behind a dresser.  Consider using apps such as Artkive to take pictures of your child’s artwork.  The pictures can then be downloaded and made into a book so your child will have a record of all of his/her artwork for the entire school year.

By following these few basic steps, your child will be well on his/her way to a clutter-free bedroom and great school year!

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